SOLD | Young Chang PG-185 6'1" Grand Piano | USED

SOLD | Young Chang PG-185 6'1" Grand Piano | USED

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Young Chang PG-185 - 6'1" Grand Piano

Built in 1999

Piano Disc Player System Installed

Humidifier/Dehumidifier System Installed


For decades, Young Chang was one of the highest selling piano brands in the United States. What helped them reach popular was the great value of their product. Sold along side Japanese made pianos by Yamaha and Kawai, the Young Chang pianos, manufactured in Korea, were quality pianos for the price. 


The PG-185 model in particular is Young Chang’s most acclaimed and sought after piano due to its design by Joseph Pramberger. 

In a partnership with Joseph Pramberger, a veteran piano designer from Steinway & Sons and head of manufacturing, Pramberger and Young Chang created a premium line of pianos featuring high end performance designs, and premium quality components such as German made hammers and strings. Interestingly enough, Pramberger's ambition to design higher and higher quality pianos almost bankrupted Young Chang in the early 2000s. 


What made the PG-185 such a great model was its nice cabinet design, the nice rounded even tone throughout the piano, and specialty design by J. Pramberger. The PG-185 became a direct competitor of Yamaha’s C3 (one of the most sought after grand pianos of all time) which is quite the accomplishment. Although, Yamaha's commitment to excellence eventually prevailed and the legendary CX series is undoubtedly of higher quality than a Young Chang grand piano. 


This is a unique model in the sense of its quality for the price and the flexibility of the player system for entertaining and live background playing. 


This Young Chang has received a full service check over from our regularly worked with technicians:


Service Work:

  • Brass hardware buffing
  • Check of all components needing regulation on on the cast iron, screw tightening, tuning pins, player system components and dampp chaser components
  • Complete action regulation
  • Full action regulation
  • Concert pitch A440 tuning

Pramberger Series

Player System

Humidifier System

6' Grand Cabinet


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