Yamaha YUS5 - 52" Premium Acoustic Upright Piano

Yamaha YUS5 - 52" Premium Acoustic Upright Piano

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Acoustic upright pianos deserve special attention and so do you. Please contact us if you are interested in the YUS5 Upright Acoustic Piano!

We always appreciate an opportunity to hear your story to make sure you are getting a piano that is perfect for you and your situation. We can also make sure you are getting the best price possible as we regularly run promotions on our acoustic upright pianos! 

YUS Series pianos share many features from Yamaha's Flagship CF Series pianos. From hand-wound German strings and concert quality hammer felt to meticulous voicing and regulation that brings out a range of colors more reminiscent of a grand piano than a traditional upright. It’s quite simply the grandest sounding upright available.

The Finest Woods

Close up of ribs and crown elements in a piano that is in process of being built.

The top ten percent of solid spruce from around the world is hand selected from our Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan for the YUS piano soundboards. The crown is reinforced with full-length, solid spruce ribs for a refined, dynamic tone expected in a grand piano.


Superior Voicing and Regulation

A closeup of a man's hands as he uses a pair of pliers to adjust hammers.

YUS pianos are voiced and regulated by master technicians in Kakegawa, Japan to ensure that everything, from the strike of the hammers to the weight of the keys and depth of the key travel, are reminiscent of the finest grand piano.


Hand-Wound European Bass Strings

Closeup of gloved hands wrapping a piano wire that is taut.

Yamaha artisans wind each bass string by hand to the exacting standards and sound profile of every YUS piano at Yamaha's factory in Kakegawa, Japan.


Concert Quality Hammer Felt

View of a row of hammers n process of being installed in an upright piano.

Yamaha took everything they learned from crafting the hammers of their flagship CFX concert grand and redesigned the hammers of the YUS to bring out powerful, nuanced tones on an upright piano.


Room Filling Sound

A man smiling as he plays from sheet music on a Yamaha upright piano in his living room.

Each YUS piano features a proprietary Yamaha tone escapement system that helps provide the clarity of tone and power that is rarely found in an upright.


Back Posts, Forward Thinking

The back of an upright piano with view of backposts supporting board.

Years of cutting-edge research, including our proprietary wood-drying process, result in durable back posts that maintain their shape, strength and resonance for years to come.


Advanced V-Pro Frame

An upright piano with lid open displaying interior.

Yamaha was the first company to use an advanced Vacuum Shield Mold casting technology called V-Pro to create a stronger, lighter, more durable frame. Every YUS Series piano features a full-perimeter frame built to our exacting specifications at our Iwata Forge in Japan.


The World's First Aluminum Action Rail

Interior of upright with closeup of key mechanisms.

Often copied but never equaled, the patented Yamaha aluminum action rail helps assure our piano keyboards are resistant to tiny fluctuations in humidity and temperature over time.

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YUS 5 Specs



152cm(59 ¾")



131cm(51 ½")



65cm(25 ½")





Soundboard Material:



Back Post Material:



V-Pro Plate:



Bridge Material:

Hard Maple


Pinblock Material:

Hard Maple


Tuning Pins:

Cut thread


Center Pedal:



Metal Action Rail:



Seasoned for Destination:



Soft-Close Fallboard:




88 Keys


White Key Surface:


Black Key Surface:

Wood Process Composite


Available Finishes:

Polished Ebony


  • Matching Piano Bench
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Red Key Cover
  • 10 Year Warranty On Acoustic Pianos: From cabinet to keys, legs and strings, if any defect or issues arise with any aspect of your piano we will take care of everything at no charge! Yamaha takes pride on the quality of their pianos and we believe in Yamaha's craftsmanship to stand behind this amazing warranty promise.
    • If you are considering a Hybrid Piano that is both acoustic and digital…There’s more!
  • 5 Year Warranty On Digital Portion Of Hybrid Pianos: From circuits to connections, wiring and hardware, if any defect or issues arise with any aspect of your piano we will take care of everything at no charge! Yamaha takes pride on the quality of their pianos and we believe in Yamaha's craftsmanship to stand behind this amazing warranty promise.
  • 3 Year Extended Popplers Warranty (no extra charge): We want to be sure you have every confidence when buying a Yamaha piano!  To be sure, Yamaha is the leader in quality, craftsmanship, and piano technology, and you will can expect many years of trouble-free music making without surprise expenses or repairs.  We are so confident in this quality that we are giving you 3 additional years of warranty, beyond the standard 10 year coverage, at NO additional cost…our Popplers Promise to you!
    • Hybrid Pianos will also receive a 3 year Extended Warranty on the digital portion of the piano! 
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