Yamaha CF6 - 7' Hand Made Premium Grand Piano

Yamaha CF6 - 7' Hand Made Premium Grand Piano

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Yamaha's Flagship CF Series is the culmination of nearly two decades of research and development to create the world’s finest concert grand piano. The CF is the rare union of clarity of tone and power that pianists crave. Each piano is crafted entirely by hand for a precise response that brings depth, nuance and an endless range of colors to the player’s tonal palette. It is simply a superb instrument and a work of art.

The Finest Of The Finest Wood

A row of milled boards unassembled and unfinished.

Yamaha craftsmen hand-select the top one percent of wood from around the world at our Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan. The inherent resonance of these woods, from European Spruce in the soundboard and ribs to mahogany and maple in the rims, helps give CF pianos their huge, well-rounded sound and extraordinary range of colors.


Handcrafted By Master Builders

A man in work gloves using a special tool to assemble interior of a piano.

The CF soundboards, ribs, back posts and rims are crafted and assembled by hand in our Concert Piano Workshop in Kakegawa, Japan to assure that nothing gets in the way of the clear, rich vibrations of the wood.


A Case For Resonance

A view of the back beam and posts where they meet the frame on an unfinished piano.

The innovative shape and thickness of the back beam and posts help give CF pianos the backbone and power to fill the world’s most famous concert halls with warm, nuanced sound.


Hand-Modeled, Sand Casted Frame

Finished frame not yet installed in piano.

Every CF frame is built by hand to our exacting specifications at our Iwata Forge in Japan.


Like No Hammers On Earth

Two small wood pieces with each head wrapped in felt on a table with another one plus a handful of felt on table in background.

Yamaha craftsmen spent nearly two decades experimenting with the shapes, sizes and materials of the hammers so they perform in perfect harmony with every part of the CF piano.


Hand-Wound Bass Strings

Closeup of bass strings in a finished piano showing that each of the strings are wrapped in another wire.

Our artisans painstakingly wind pure copper by hand to adjust the balance and tension of each bass string to the exacting standards and sound profile of every CF piano. You will hear the attention to detail in every note.


Regulated And Tuned To Perfection

Someone is using a rachet tool to turn the pins that tighten or loosen the piano string in a grand piano.

Each CF piano is meticulously voiced, regulated and tuned by master technicians in our Concert Piano Workshop to bring out the nuanced colors, harmonics and resonance from this superb instrument.


Beautiful Inside And Out

View of a Yamaha grand piano's keyboard.

The finish of the CF is applied by hand, one layer at a time, and buffed to our stringent specifications using traditional methods. A semi-gloss finish is applied on the top board to reduce distracting reflections from stage lights.

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CF6/DCF6 Specs






159cm(62 ½")








White Key Surface:



Black Key Surface:

Wood Composite


Center Pedal Type:



Lid Prop Posiions:



Prop Safety Stop:



Lid Edge:



Lid/Fallboard Locks:



Soft-Close Fallboard:



Available Finishes:

Polished Ebony

  • Matching Piano Bench
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Red Key Cover
  • 10 Year Warranty On Acoustic Pianos: From cabinet to keys, legs and strings, if any defect or issues arise with any aspect of your piano we will take care of everything at no charge! Yamaha takes pride on the quality of their pianos and we believe in Yamaha's craftsmanship to stand behind this amazing warranty promise.
    • If you are considering a Hybrid Piano that is both acoustic and digital…There’s more!
  • 5 Year Warranty On Digital Portion Of Hybrid Pianos: From circuits to connections, wiring and hardware, if any defect or issues arise with any aspect of your piano we will take care of everything at no charge! Yamaha takes pride on the quality of their pianos and we believe in Yamaha's craftsmanship to stand behind this amazing warranty promise.
  • 3 Year Extended Popplers Warranty (no extra charge): We want to be sure you have every confidence when buying a Yamaha piano!  To be sure, Yamaha is the leader in quality, craftsmanship, and piano technology, and you will can expect many years of trouble-free music making without surprise expenses or repairs.  We are so confident in this quality that we are giving you 3 additional years of warranty, beyond the standard 10 year coverage, at NO additional cost…our Popplers Promise to you!
    • Hybrid Pianos will also receive a 3 year Extended Warranty on the digital portion of the piano!
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