Before we dive into watching videos and learning more about hybrid pianos let's go over a few things. Yamaha's hybrid models come in a few categories - Avant Hybrid - Silent Piano - TransAcoustic - Disklavier - which you can see in the image below. This page is dedicated to giving you all of the information you need to understand about the Silent category. Have fun!

B3 48" Acoustic Upright Piano | Silent Overview

Silent Piano | Performance

Silent Piano | Performance

Silent Piano | Performance with wifi headphones

The Silent technology is available on most Yamaha acoustic piano models! It is available on the B Series - P Series - U Series - Baby Grands - CX Series - and even Premium Grand Pianos


By day it’s a world-renowned acoustic piano. By night, the neighbors won’t hear a thing. SILENT Piano™ puts the sound and presence of the world’s finest concert grands in your headphones. Simply switch your Yamaha acoustic piano into SILENT mode and our digital technology reproduces the acoustic tones, nuanced colors and resonance so faithfully you’ll almost forget you’re wearing headphones.

Every Nuance, Every Note

Pure, Natural Sound

Find Your Voice

Born To Be Silent

Connects With Your Smart Devices

Plays Well With Others


What I have noticed from families, schools, churches, and individuals who end up going with a Silent is that Yamaha's Silent technology really gives the best of both worlds if you are serious about studying or enjoying piano. You get the nuance of an acoustic traditional Yamaha piano with the flexibility of playing the piano with headphones and never have to sacrifice the feel of the action. Every customer of mine has been very happy with their silent piano.

Josh Gratton - Piano Department Manager

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