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U3 Overview

B3 vs. U1

U Series Features

Precise, ultra-responsive touch, clear, full-bodied tone and a reputation for reliability have made U Series pianos the choice of professional musicians, conservatories, teachers, students and music lovers, the world over. Add to that, Yamaha's legendary attention to every detail of every piano, and it’s no surprise that the U Series has been the world’s most popular upright for over half a century.

The Finest Woods

Back Posts, Forward Thinking

Advanced V-Pro Frame

Specially Designed Hammers

Specially Crafted Bass Strings

World's First Aluminum Action Rail

Soft-Close Fallboard

YUS Series Learning Hub

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YUS Series Features

YUS Series pianos share many features from our Flagship CF Series pianos. From hand-wound German strings and concert quality hammer felt to meticulous voicing and regulation that brings out a range of colors more reminiscent of a grand piano than a traditional upright. It’s quite simply the grandest sounding upright available.

The Finest Woods

Superior Voicing and Regulation

Hand-Wound Bass Strings

Concert Quality Hammer Felt

Room-Filling Sound

Back Posts, Forward Thinking

Advanced V-Pro Frame

World's First Aluminum Action Rail

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