CF4 - 6'4" PREMIUM GRAND PIANO | Artist Review

CF4 - 6'4" PREMIUM GRAND PIANO | Artist Review



SX Series Features

Yamaha took everything they learned from their Flagship CF concert grand and crafted an instrument that’s perfectly suited for the conservatory, recital hall or intimate stage. SX pianos are almost entirely handcrafted and feature Yamaha's patented Acoustic Resonance Enhancement process to precisely control the aging of wood in the rims for a warm, elegant tone. A completely redesigned hammer helps produce a wide palette of colors with an intimate sound and depth rarely found in a concert grand.

A Soundboard that earns it's crown

Matured to perfection

A powerful, natural resonance

Hand-wound bass strings


Voiced, regulated and tuned by master technicians

Advanced V-Pro Frame


You can't take your ears or eyes off of it

CF Series Features

Yamaha's Flagship CF Series is the culmination of nearly two decades of research and development to create the world’s finest concert grand piano. The CF is the rare union of clarity of tone and power that pianists crave. Each piano is crafted entirely by hand for a precise response that brings depth, nuance and an endless range of colors to the player’s tonal palette. It is simply a superb instrument that is a work of art.

The Finest Woods

Handcrafted by master builders

A case for resonance

Hand-modeled, sand casted frame

like no hammers on earth

Hand-wound bass strings

voice regulated and tuned to perfection

Beautiful inside and out

CF4 Testimonial

Even though the CF4 is not the largest piano, I admit that it has full and deep sound in the lower bass rather than loud and strong; at the same time, it has Beautiful, brilliant, but sensitive sound in the upper register. The CF4 has perfect balance in each register, and the piano feels intimate and intricate. It has the best actions to helps me to create delicate nuance and complex multi-layer voicing.

This piano truly makes me feel more connected with the instrument like your own voice, giving you full control of the piano. It is capable of creating the softest sound possible which is a sign of a high-quality piano.

I visited Yamaha Piano Showroom in Tokyo several years ago, and I had a pleasure of playing on a few CF pianos there. Though every piano had slightly different sound and balance, all of them were conditioned at the highest quality. I ended up spending a few hours there in the showroom salon. This is the most perfect piano anyone wishes to have at home, concert hall, school, church, anywhere.  

Dr. Nariaki Sugiura | Concert Pianist - UND Piano Professor

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