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CX Series Testimonials

The CX Series… I have played on The GB1K and GC Models for many hours over the past years. Keep in mind the genre I have studied the most is classical. I have played classical, rock, jazz, I’ve spent hours improvising, I’ve worked scales, I’ve played pop, I’ve listened to so many people play on these models, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of it. When you are looking at the CX series, you are looking at a grand piano that has top notch material, engineering, design, sound, and touch.

There is a reason the CX series grand pianos are the most recorded pianos in history. They are a dream to play, the response of the action is superb, and the sound is both crisp and full of colors. The C3X has alive and bright (not too bright!) tone that allows you to be expressive with classical music yet still have fun playing rock, pop, and jazz. The larger cabinet CX series continuously develop a bit of a warmer tone overall with deeper bass tones, longer sustained notes, more projection, and more complex colors in the sound.

Josh Gratton | Piano Department Manager/Piano Instructor


I would say that it is a smaller piano but without any compromises, it has quality of larger CX pianos. It has beautiful tones and responsive actions and it will help me to attain even and precise executions of my fingers on the keys. It is a great concert preparation tool for my concerts. Suitable for someone who is serious in learning classical piano repertoire, also definitely an excellent choice for teaching instrument.


It features absolutely gorgeous and powerful bass sound, strong yet warm at the same. This piano reminds me of large bells of European churches, since it has rich and noble prolonged sound. Superb balance of lower, mid and upper register which makes it easy to play anything. Instead of I have to adjust to the piano, this piano will help you to bring out most natural ways of your playing.

I have played several concertos on the CX7 in recent years. The most recent was when I played Beethoven’s Emperor concerto here in town, which I felt it was most suitable quality piano to play with the classical style chamber orchestra. Suitable for up to mid-size concert halls, schools or churches


For chamber music, I love to play on the CX6, little sibling to the CX7. It has the ideal balance for the chamber music. I own CX6 at my home. 

Dr. Nariaki Sugiura | UND Piano Professor & Concert Pianist

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