Yamaha GC1 5'3" Baby Grand Piano | Overview

Yamaha GC2 5'8" Baby Grand Piano | Overview

Yamaha Gb1K 5' vs. Yamaha GC1 5'3"

GC2 | Artist Review | Dr. Nariaki Sugiura

Yamaha GC2 - 5'8" | Artist Review and Performance | Matthew Lorenz | Bach Allemande from French Suites

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano Testimonials

I saw Yamaha’s advertisement saying “this babyis a prodigy”, and I had to agree with the statement. Although it is a compact-sizepiano, it has everything you need in this baby grand piano.  The GC2 has a beautiful, brilliant, butsensitive sound in the upper register, and it provides dynamic sound despitethe size. I would say it has captivated the expressive sound of the CX series pianowithout having a big cabinet. When I drive a small car, I know I cannot expectthe quality of large car such as speed, precise control and comfort. However, Ican expect the quality of the large pianos in this baby grand piano. It is suitablefor smaller room but for someone who want a quality piano there.

Dr. Nariaki Sugiura | Concert Pianist - UND Piano Professor

The GB1K & GC Series… I have played on The GB1Kand GC Models for many hours over the past years. Keep in mind the genre I havestudied the most is classical. I have played classical, rock, jazz, I’ve spenthours improvising, I’ve worked scales, I’ve played pop, I’ve listened to somany people play on these models, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed everyminute of it. These models, with their touch and tone will bring you hours ofgood study, enjoyment, and bring you that much closer to creating art with yourmusic.

What I can say is that Yamaha has accomplished what theyaimed to do with these models. You can truly hear and feel aspects of the CX seriesin these compact baby grand models. If you are a beginner, if you are someone lookingto invest in your child who is exceling at lessons, or an intermediate pianoplayer looking to hone your skills, these models are a great option for you at moreaffordable pricing and space efficiency. If you are a serious player, someonewho just loves sitting down to play and has for years, or someone looking forthe next level of quality our of a grand piano and playing experience, you maywant to check out the CX series or higher.

Josh Gratton | Piano Department Manager & Piano Instructor

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