Refund and Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with any part of your purchase, you may return any or all items in clean, resaleable condition with a copy of the invoice enclosed for a refund of returned products. Please report any mistakes or defective items within 15 days of receipt so we can make prompt replacements.

Defective or Damaged Material

Please inspect your order upon receiving it. If material is defective, please let us know what the defect is so we can inspect your replacement before sending it to you. If material is damaged, please contact us and we will notify UPS of any damaged packages. UPS may want to inspect it so please retain the damaged items and all packaging materials.

Can I Finance A Piano?

Absolutely! We use the Piano Credit Company who specializes in financing for pianos. The rates hover around 9% and we always offer a 12 month interest free option. Credit checks can be completed by phone in just a few minutes and we usually receive an answer instantaneously or within 30 minutes if they need to do a manual review. Call 701-746-7471 to start the financing process.

Can You Lease Your Piano?

Again, Absolutely! We offer a lease-to-own program on all of our entry level digital pianos! Here are the highlights:

- 85% of every payment goes toward owning the instrument

- Payments usually range between $42-$55/mo

- 6 month minimum term, after 6 months the lease goes month to month and you are allowed to bring the piano back whenever you'd like, or keep making payment to the end of the lease term and you will own the instrument

- Trade-up: We will give you 100% of the credit you build up on your piano toward a new piano of at least 2 times the value 

Popplers Music Piano Trade Up Program

We want to make it easy for you to upgrade your piano through the years as you progress as a piano player! Here are our Trade-Up program details:

Digital Pianos: 100% Credit toward a piano of twice the value in the first 5 years

Acoustic Pianos: 100% Credit toward a piano of twice the value in the first (How many?)

Hybrid Pianos: 100% Credit toward a piano of twice the value in the first (