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Hi!  My name is Barb, and I work in the piano department at Popplers Music in Sioux Falls, SD.  I started playing the piano when I was seven years old.  I tortured my family with hours of practicing as a child, and eventually entered college as a piano major.  In the beginning of my music career, I played keyboards (including Yamaha keyboards!) in a variety of bands across the country, and then settled down and performed professionally, regionally, for many years.  I recorded a handful of piano CDs, and I also taught piano!  In the early days I always leaned on my musician friends whenever I needed a new or additional keyboard.  Eventually, though, I learned how to find the right keyboard all on my own because I knew what to look for to suit my needs.  Now let’s talk pianos!

I previously talked about two of Yamaha’s portable entry-level digital pianos, the Yamaha P-45 and the Yamaha P-125.  Today I want to talk about Yamaha’s Clavinova CLP Series.  Aah, the Clavinova.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?  The Clavinova is Yamaha’s premium digital piano, appealing to students, teachers, families, churches, and schools.  With endless options for teaching, learning, and performing, you simply cannot go wrong with a Clavinova.  Clavinovas are the next best thing to having an actual acoustic piano, featuring authentic acoustic action with weighted keys, stylish design, and the beautiful tones of a world-class concert grand piano.  The Clavinova incorporates decades of technology to produce a digital piano that is appreciated by beginners as well as advanced pianists.  Today I want to explore our three best-selling and most popular Yamaha Clavinovas from the CLP series:  the CLP-725, the CLP-735, and the CLP-745. 

The Yamaha CLP-725:

The Yamaha CLP-735:

The Yamaha CLP-745:


Let’s talk about some of the features that both keyboards share, then we can explore the differences.  I do want to share the following detailed link which clearly details every single aspect of all of the Clavinovas in the CLP Series for those of you who really want a complete and thorough breakdown:  Yamaha Clavinova CLP Series Full Spec Sheet. My intent here, however, is to simply help with what 99% of piano shoppers want to know:  Is there a big enough difference between each of these to justify the differences in cost?  Well, let’s take a look!
When you sit down to play a Clavinova, no matter which one you start with, the first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful design, very much like an acoustic piano.  Every model includes a bench, three pedals, a music rest and key cover.  They all have 88 weighted, graded keys, so when you play, you feel the response and touch as if you are playing an actual piano.  Colors and nuances are vivid and come to life with the CLP-725, CLP-735, and the CLP-745!


One thing that all of Yamaha’s products embody is years of advanced research and innovative technology, which is why a digital piano can miraculously sound like a concert grand piano.  I want to highlight some of the technological properties that all three of these keyboards have, and I will explain them below in a straightforward and simple manner: 

  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) – It’s easy to forget that these keyboards do not have strings or soundboards. The technology Yamaha has developed simulates the tones created when vibrations of strings are transmitted to the soundboard and other strings.  It also replicates the sounds of the dampers when they’re raised off the strings, in addition to the resonance of the soundboard, case, etc...  In other words, these digital keyboards sound like authentic pianos! 
  • Grand Expression Modeling – The sensitivity of a piano is what assists in creating emotion when a piano is played. The pianist’s touch, intensity, and speed and depth allow for complex tonal expression.

  • Grand Touch – S Keyboard – Of course, the “playability” plays a key role in a player’s experience. The ability to express yourself with dynamic range is displayed within all of the CLP Series Clavinovas.  The touch when striking a key with force is replicated in these pianos so that you can feel that response, as though a hammer is striking the keys.  The synthetic-ivory and black keys also have the feel of a grand piano.

  • Smooth Release Technology - With this technology, the response when playing staccato is nice and crisp, and smooth legato is like silk. Again, just what you would expect when playing an actual piano.

  • Binaural Sampling of the Yamaha’s flagship CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial concert grands reproduce diverse brilliant and warm and resonant tone variations found in these two wonderful concert grand pianos.

I could probably stop right here and wait for all of you to come and stop in to pick one up, but I really do want to talk about the differences between each one!  Consider this a broad overview of what matters most in the chart below:




10 Voices

38 Voices

38 Voices

Can Record 1 Song/2 Tracks

Can Record 250 Songs/16 Tracks

Can Record 250 Songs/16 Tracks

No Bluetooth Capability

No Bluetooth Capability

Has Bluetooth Capability

Amplifiers:  2 20-Watt

Amplifiers:  2 30-Watt

Amplifiers:  2 50-Watt

Speakers: 12cm X 2

Speakers: 16cm X 2

Speakers: 16cm + 8cm X 2

No Rhythm Tracks

20 Rhythm Tracks

20 Rhythm Tracks

NO LCD Display

Full Dots LCD Display*

Full Dots LCD Display*

Smaller Cabinet Width/Height

Larger Cabinet Width/Height

Larger Cabinet Width/Height

No Aux In or Aux Out

Has Both Aux In and Aux Out

Has Both Aux In and Aux Out

No Wooden Keys

No Wooden Keys

White Keys are Solid Wood


 *This is the LCD display found on Yamaha’s CLP-735 and CLP-745


Some of the features above are very important to many of the customers who stop into Popplers Music looking for a Clavinova, but for many, it’s a matter of simply playing each one to determine which you like the most.  I always say, “Play all of them, and you’ll know the one you love.”  In my experience, that has been true! 
For me, personally, I do prefer the CLP-745.  With the wooden keys, the touch is remarkably close to that of an acoustic piano.  Also, the speakers are so robust and powerful that the sound is full and resounding.  All three of these Clavinovas are wonderful, but the CLP-745 really does pack a punch.  Many times you find that you really do get what you pay for!

And that’s about it!  This is a simplified, “in-a-nutshell” comparison between Yamaha’s three most popular and affordable keyboards, and I hope this helps you in your decision-making process!  If you are looking for a premium digital piano that sounds like the real deal, Yamaha has sure made it easy for you! 

Colors Available:

Yamaha CLP-725:  Available in:  Polished Ebony, Matte Black, and Rosewood
Yamaha CLP-735:  Available in:  Polished Ebony, Matte Black, Rosewood, Dark Walnut, and Matte White
Yamaha CLP-745:  Available in:  Polished Ebony, Matte Black, Rosewood, Dark Walnut, and Matte White

Video Section:

Below are videos of the all CLP-725, CLP-735, and the CLP-745.  These videos will give you an overview of the features and options for these keyboards along with playing examples! 

 Overview of the Yamaha CLP-725:


 Overview of the Yamaha CLP-735:

Overview of the Yamaha CLP-745:



We sure hope this helps you make an educated decision and find the perfect piano for YOU!  Popplers Music has locations in North Dakota and South Dakota and we work with musicians and educators all around the country.  If you are in our store location region, we invite you to stop on in and say hi!  If you are located somewhere else in the country, we invite you to check out our online piano store at www.popplerspiano.com.  We offer free shipping on many products, an industry-leading trade-up program, lease options on entry-level digital pianos, and financing on high-end digital/hybrid/acoustic pianos.  We also offer direct text support, product warranties, and knowledgeable, friendly staff ready to help you find the piano that best suits your needs so you can enjoy a lifetime of music-making!  Learn more at www.popplerspiano.com or give us a call! 


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