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Hi!  My name is Barb, and I work in the piano department at Popplers Music in Sioux Falls, SD.  I started playing the piano when I was seven years old.  I tortured my family with hours of practicing as a child, and eventually entered college as a piano major.  In the beginning of my music career, I played keyboards (including Yamaha keyboards!) in a variety of bands across the country, and then settled down and performed professionally, regionally, for many years.  I recorded a handful of piano CD’s and also gave piano lessons!  In the early days I always leaned on my musician friends whenever I needed a new or additional keyboard, but did eventually learn how to find the right keyboard on my own because I knew what to look for to suit my needs.  Now let’s talk pianos! 

Many of our customers stop into our store wanting to purchase a digital piano.  Some have a child who is wanting to learn how to play the piano, some took lessons long ago and want to start again, and some simply don’t have space for a traditional piano.  While there are many options available, I want to dive into two of our Yamaha entry-level digital pianos that we simply can’t keep in stock:   

Yamaha P-45                       Yamaha-P125 

Pretty similar, right? 



Let’s talk about some of the features that both keyboards share, then we can explore the differences First, the Yamaha P-45 and the Yamaha P-125 are both lightweight, portable, entry-level keyboards that REALLY deliver when it comes to the sound and feel of an acoustic piano They are also quite affordable and never require tuning Both digital pianos feature Yamaha’s graded hammer standard (GHS) keyboard, which means your lower bass notes feel a bit heavier when you play, and the higher treble parts feel lighter Granted, if you are a professional pianist and are looking at one of these keyboards as your primary piano, you may want to look at Yamaha’s full product line to better suit your needs:



The Yamaha P-45 and P-125 do not include a stand or a bench.  Both models do come with a black square sustain pedal and power adapter, however.  Yamaha does offer additional accessory options that you may want to consider.  

If you need a stand for your digital piano and want it to have the appearance of an acoustic piano, you might consider a side stand (below left).  For a more basic stand, the X-Stand (below right) would do the trick! 


Did I mention the price?  For an 88-key weighted portable keyboard with Yamaha’s signature sound sampling, built-in metronome, extra voices and transposing capability, you really can’t go wrong with either one!  The Yamaha P-45 and P-125 are Yamaha’s lowest-cost 88-note, weighted-key digital pianos that Yamaha offers.  The Yamaha P-45 and P-125 are Yamaha’s most affordable 88-note, weighted-key digital pianos that Yamaha offer.  The P-45 is $549.99 (not including accessories) and the P-125 is $699.99 (not including accessories).  


As a rule of thumb when it comes to digital pianos, as the price goes up the main factors that change are: the Keyboard Action; Speaker Quality; Sound Sample; Furniture Style; Range/Depth of Technology

What are the differences in these two keyboards I want to talk about the things that are most important to the customers who come into Popplers Music Consider this a broad overview of what matters most For a detailed chart on all the specifications for each keyboard, please click on the blue hyperlinks below that will guide you to Yamaha’s website for more detailed information For now, let’s keep it simple! 

P-45 Specs                                                             P-125 Specs 

GHS Action                                                             GHS Action

(The P-125 has more dynamics range (loud & soft) and a bit more resistance to the keys)

10 Voices (such as electric piano, strings)              24 Voices 

Number of Polyphony (64)                                      Number of Polyphony (192) 

(Polyphony is just music technology jargon 🙃  In other words, if you’re doing a massive arpeggio up the keyboard at a fast rate and with the sustain pedal held down, the keyboard can only capture up to 64 of those notes at one time with the P-45.  As a piano player gets more advanced, you’ll want to be able to not have the notes “drop out.”  The P-125 would be a better choice.)

No recording capability                               Can record one song with two tracks 

Piano Sound – AMW Stereo Sampling                   Pure CF Sound Engine 

(The sample means the actual sound produced with Yamaha’s P-125 is much closer to Yamaha’s finest concert grand pianos than the P-45.)

No dash button display                                Press a button to change sounds 

(Switching sounds on the P-45 is quite easy, too.  Simply press the “Function” button and simultaneously press the note on the keyboard that lists whatever sound or function (such as adding a metronome) you want to access. The P-125 has buttons laid out on the keyboard to access functions.)



More Information

And that’s about it!  This is a simplified, “in-a-nutshell” comparison between Yamaha’s two most affordable 88-key weighted action keyboards, and I hope this helps you in your decision-making process!  If you are looking for an inexpensive keyboard, but want a great sound and a great value, Yamaha has sure made it easy for you!   

We sure hope this helps you make an educated decision and find the perfect piano for YOU! Popplers Music has locations in North Dakota and South Dakota and we work with musicians and educators all around the country. If you are in our store location region, we invite you to stop on in and say hi! If you are located somewhere else in the country, we invite you to check out our online piano store at www.popplerspiano.com or make the trip to our store 🙃 We offer free shipping, an industry-leading trade-up program, lease options on entry-level digital pianos, financing on high end digital/hybrid/acoustic pianos, direct text support, product warranties, and product experts who are knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to help you find the best piano for you to enjoy a lifetime of music-making. Learn more at www.popplerspiano.com or give us a call.  

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